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15 setembro, 2010

The girl and the bar

Claudia Picoli
1 . Mid-light on a full moon night

Half bottle to a sloppy whisky glass
Sip!, Ssip, sip to a huge silent gulp
The money’s left on the table
Tinkle! Tinkle, tinkle on the bar
Invisible steps are washed with drops of beer

2 . The moving shadows of the tree
Tickle the cracked wall
In each crack
The mute eyes of a witness
On the floor
A dark ruby syrup shines

3 . An angel would be
Why not, so, a mannequin?
Pale, pale – beautiful
There was red in the face
But it was not blush

4 . She left home
She left the bar
She left life

5 . No culprit
The detective told the family
Mum cried
Pop didn’t
Ah! A room of my own!

Um comentário:

Chica Buarquiana disse...

Que irmã escrota!
O poema tem uma poesia leve. Nem dá pra ficar triste. Dá até vontade de rir.